Matthew McConaughey's 'Magic Mike' Diet

July 3, 2012

Matthew McConaughey had just two weeks to get in tip-top shape for his role in Magic Mike, so he enlisted the help of trainer Gunnar Peterson and nutritionist Chris Lockwood. Being that McConaughey was already in great shape, the two didn't have much work to do -- all the actor wanted was to lose as much body fat as possible. 

"Matthew is straight Texas -- he's a get-after-it guy. Literally," Peterson said. "For his workouts, he'd get in, get after it and get out. He's a full gamer; he goes at anything. He'll get up from a set and go, 'Whoo-hoooh!'"

For his diet, Lockwood simply had McConaughey eat meals more frequently and increased his protein intake with shakes -- three each day that Lockwood specially created. The actor was also cutting down on his carbs as his days progressed, so by mid-day he would cut them out all together. 

Three days before shooting each shirt-less scene, Lockwood instructed McConaughey to reduce his water and sodium intake. On these days, his breakfast would include a low-glycemic lean mass gainer. On the actual day of shooting the shirt-less scenes (which must have been almost every day on set of Magic Mike), McConaughey would eat smaller breakfasts and drink protein shakes throughout the day. 30-minutes before each scene, he would drink a low-glycemic lean mass gainer and sip on red wine to make his muscles look as full as possible. 

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