Miranda Kerr is on a Raw Organic Diet

July 11, 2012

Miranda Kerr recently spoke to Women's Fitness magazine about the diet that keeps her happy and healthy. The model says she enjoys cooking her own food and tries to stick to fruits and vegetables. 

"I find the most satisfying food is food that's full of life, so it's raw and clean and organic," Kerr said. "We have a vegetable patch in Los Angeles so when I get the veggies out and eat them from there I love that." 

Kerr learned the importance of eating vegetables from her grandparents. "My grandfather had a vegetable patch when I was growing up and my grandma would just chop the vegetables up and give them to us, so I learned from that. I find that really satisfying, the raw enzymes. I also love kale, spinach, fennel, avocado -- I like to eat clean." 

Kerr also revealed to the magazine that she loves to cook, especially when it comes to hosting a dinner party. 

"I cook anything -- fish, a roast -- it really depends on who is coming and what they feel like and what my husband feels like eating," she said. "I just love to make things. I make a really good panna cotta as well." 

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