Delite-o-Matic Vending Machine Will Reward Your Praise With Chips

July 17, 2012

The Delite-o-Matic vending machine will feed you in exchange for some praise. The machine is part of Australian manufacturer Fantastic's interactive campaign for Fantastic Delites snacks. For the first person, all it took was one push of a red button to obtain a free packet of crisps; for the next, it required two.

This process continued until it reached 5,000 pushes of the button. Then, the machine asked the person to kneel on the ground and comply with requests, ultimately ending in the participant bowing to the "almighty one." All told, 1,984 participants bowed down to receive a pack of Fantastic Delites.

Would you kneel for a free package of chips? For another interactive vending machine, check out the Rugbeer.

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