Beaker Twinkies are a Muppet Inspired Treat

July 31, 2012

Beaker Twinkies from Hungry Happenings are a Muppet inspired treat.  America's favorite snack food, the Twinkie, is transformed into the beloved Muppets character with a few ingredients and a dash of creativity.  Molding chocolate is colored and shaped to create the different character pieces.  Frosting helps "glue" the molding chocolate to the Twinkie.  To view other muppet sweets, click here.


Ingredients and Supplies:

Hostess Twinkies (or similar snack cake)
modeling chocolate (see recipe here)
food coloring - orange, red, black
black edible ink marker
powdered sugar for dusting cutting board
rolling pin
clay extruder (or a very clean garlic press)
white frosting or melted white chocolate
For full recipe instructions, click here.

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