Kerri Walsh's Olympic Diet

August 9, 2012

Volleyball player Kerri Walsh is a two-time Olympic medalist whose nutritional philosophy has helped make her a world champion. The athlete says she eats every three hours to help her focus, "feel stronger, last longer." 

Walsh says becoming a parent has changed the way she thinks about food. 

"The greener the better. My husband and I are both professional athletes and we're parents now, and that's definitely affected the way we eat and the way we think about food because we want to put the best things in our children," she said. "I've heard this so many times and it sounds so cheesy, but 'feed the rainbow of colors' and you're doing yourself and your body a lot of good." 

Before each competition, Walsh eats a specific meal that helps keep her energy up. 

"I eat a lot of almond butter and honey sandwiches throughout the day, because that keeps me satisfied. I can just shove it down and I'm good to go." 

The Olympic athlete admits she isn't much of a cook, so she keeps meals at home simple with grilled chicken and veggies. 

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