KFC Re-Launches Chicken Littles

September 4, 2012

KFC re-launches Chicken Littles.  These snack sized sandwiches have not been sold in 20 years and are now available nationwide.  The fast food chain did a poll of their facebook page asking fans what past menu items they wanted to eat again and Chicken Littles was won by a landslide.  Chicken Littles can be purchased at any KFC location for $1.29.  Have you tried Chicken Littles?  Did you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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David Weihe's picture

I tried 3 on they day they were released. These ARE NOT Chicken Littles. These are slightly smaller Snackers. The original KFC Chicken Littles have a very loyal following. I'm really disappointed in KFC for trying to pass these off as Chicken Littles. Why can't they just give us the originals that we so desperately want?

Eddie Shelton's picture

I was so excited when I heard that they were selling Chicken Littles again. I have been wanting those delicious sliders since the last time I remember getting them (early 90's if I remember correctly). Sadly, this is garbage. This is NOT a Chicken Little, this is just a scaled down version of the horrible Snacker item. I want the original, not "revamped for the new century". Hopefully, those who remember the original will speak out against this lame attempt at cashing in on nostalgia, and KFC will revert back to the original recipe on this. One can hope, right? :)