Mobile Skillet Offers $15,000 App in “Cooking App Star” Recipe Contest

September 11, 2012

Mobile Skillet™ is one of the only digital media companies devoted exclusively to producing affordable, high-quality, cutting-edge recipe apps for restaurateurs, chefs, food bloggers, food & beverage companies, and cookbook authors looking to reach mobile-savvy cooking enthusiasts. Founded in February 2012, Mobile Skillet is sponsoring the world’s first recipe contest whose prize is a personality-branded app featuring the winner’s recipes. The “Cooking App Star” Recipe Contest prize app is valued at $15,000. Entrants simply submit their best original recipe and photo to this tantalizing contest which kicks off on September 12 and runs through October 12, 2012. The lucky winner will be notified in mid-December and will launch this incredible cooking app on iTunes in early 2013.

Mobile Skillet combines the best of traditional cookbook publishing with the cost-saving efficiencies of automated app-creation systems. Mobile Skillet’s recipe-centric designs are not cookie-cutter but semi-customizable. Using an array of layouts, palettes, backgrounds, and fonts, clients can choose from more than 600 possible combinations to showcase their tasty recipes with their distinctive flair and brand. Mobile Skillet will help food world pros connect with their existing audiences, reach new ones, grow their brands, and share their recipes and stories on iPhones and iPads worldwide. Mobile Skillet enables clients to create sizzling cooking apps to share with everyone.

Mobile Skillet apps allow end-users to:

·       Add both recipes and personal items to shopping lists

·       Compile ingredients from multiple recipes into one shopping list sorted by store department

·       Convert from imperial to metric units, scale recipes, and highlight/check-off cooking steps

·       Search using multiple keywords

·       Rate and review recipes, bookmark, and share on Facebook and Twitter

·       Email  and print recipes and shopping lists

·       Watch how-to videos

Mobile Skillet was founded by Deborah Chud, MD (Harvard College, Boston University School of Medicine). As a consultant, medical editor, health and wellness food columnist, cookbook reviewer, and cookbook author, Deborah is excited to “level the playing field for professional cooks and food writers all over the world by making recipe-app creation affordable.” Her Trufflehead healthy cooking appfor iPhone and iPad appeared on Apple’s New and Noteworthy, Top 25 Lifestyle, and What’s Hot featured app lists this year. When time permits, Deborah blogs at,, and HuffPost Food.

Restaurateurs, chefs, food bloggers, food companies, and cookbook authors will love Mobile Skillet for making recipe app creation easier and more cost-effective than ever before. All interested parties are encouraged to enter their best recipe to the Mobile Skillet “Cooking App Star” Recipe Contestto have a chance to win their own branded app. 

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