Matthew Fox Talks Losing Weight for New Movie

September 19, 2012

Matthew Fox had to lose 40 pounds for his latest movie, Alex Cross. The actor said it was difficult to shed the pounds, especially for his Italian mother. 

"My mother hated it. She's Italian and she's a fantastic cook and loves to feed her son more than anything," Fox said. "She couldn't stand it. It really upset her." 

Fox trained for five months to lose the weight and build his muscle, most of which included circuit training. He has since gained 15 of the 40 pounds back. 

"I'm taking my time to put it back on but eating all the things I love to eat. I have a terrible sweet tooth," Fox revealed. "All those pies, ice cream and cookies were completely out the window when I was training. Pasta and bread were pretty much non-existent in the diet as well."

Alex Cross hits theaters on October 19. 

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