Delectable Pumpkin Sesame Fritters

September 20, 2012

Pumpkin sesame fritters from Angie's Recipes are a delectable fall snack.  Pumpkin is mixed with maple syrup and flour and rolled in sesame seeds.  The fritters are then deep fried until golden brown and delicious.  You can use canned pumpkin or fresh pumpkin to make this recipe.  If you decide to go with fresh, use sugar pumpkins (the small pumpkins) because they have a sweeter, richer flavor.  Serve your pumpkin sesame fritters with extra maple syrup for dipping.

Pumpkin Sesame Fritters


1 tablespoon Maple syrup or honey
Mix pumpkin puree with flour and maple syrup to make a soft ball.
Divide them into 10 portions, and shape each of them into a ball. Using the palm of your hand, press each piece into a flat pancake and coat with sesames.
Deep fry in hot oil over the medium heat until toasty brown. Serve hot.

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