Wolfgang Puck Talks Being a Judge on 'Top Chef Seattle'

November 1, 2012

Wolfgang Puck joined the Top Chef cast as a judge for the show's 10th season. The celebrity chef revealed why the new gig appealed to him. 

"Well, I think there's always new contestants and there are a few new guest judges and so on. I think it's really very interesting the choices they make when they select the chefs, so it's always interesting to see," Puck told The Braiser. "And sometimes when I read where people come from you say, 'Okay this one should win or that one should win.' And then at the end, under that pressure, it's different to perform than cooking in a restaurant." 

Puck adds that he enjoys being a judge because he doesn't have to cook and gets to give his opinion on young chefs' creations. 

"I think it's always fun to see the young chefs, you know, seeing them being all nervous, being all worked up and they're tired and so on, but they have to perform and sometimes they do really well and sometimes people make things -- silly mistakes where you say, 'What happened today? Yesterday it was so good. Today what happened?'"

Top Chef Seattle premiers on Bravo on November 7 at 10 pm. 

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