3 Helpers You Already Have In The Kitchen

November 22, 2012

Every year, we cooks tend to make our lists for the Thanksgiving feast. Some of us make precise lists, mentioning every step and what time of the day it needs to be completed. Others (myself included), become so wrapped up in nostalgia, that our lists are rambly and disjointed, as one dish reminds us of another that has to be made. Who has time for all that nonsense? 

Actually, you have more time than you think, if you dust off some of the gadgets you already have in the kitchen. Here are 3 gadgets that you have in the dark recesses of your kitchen cupboards. In no particular order, check out some of these and how they can lighten the culinary load for you. 

  • Crockpot - not just for your granny, this slow cooking tool, will keep virtually anything from burning or drying out. It is the perfect vessel for stuffing, soup for the first course, or even a place to keep the extra gravy piping hot. Some ways to get the most out of your crockpot: 

Wheat Free Dairy Free Crockpot Stuffing

Crockpot Turkey Cutlets With Stuffing

  • Bread Machine - How many of us actually have one of these and have never plugged it in? There is no need to serve big, square loaves of bread, a trick is to make your bread to the dough stage, and then take out perfectly kneaded and proofed dough, for anything you need! Here are some ideas: 

Bread Machine Butter Rolls

Cinnamon Sunshine Bread

  • Digital Thermometer - Yes, you do need a digital thermometer! Know precisely when a dish is ready, don't play around with undercooked    (let's be honest-or overcooked) turkey, and most of all, that piercing beeping will remind you that something needs attention in the oven; even after a few glasses of wine. Jest sayin'. In case you aren't sure if you own one, here are two styles for reference:

Digital Probe Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer 


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