Kate Bosworth Talks Changing Diet

January 2, 2013

Kate Bosworth recently opened up about her diet, saying she has had to change her eating habits to gain more energy. 

"I've been eating a lot healthier of late, just because I've suddenly found myself having no energy. The energy that you have in your teens and early 20s is just non-stop," Bosworth told Vogue Australia. "I'm 29 and all of a sudden I really needed to take a look at how I can get a better life for myself."

That doesn't mean, however, that Bosworth will be going on a strict diet. The actress says she simply wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

"I'm not militant about anything. People get these crazy routines and different things work for different people and I just bring it to basics with healthy vegetables and fruits and lean meat and just limit the preservatives, and just don't be too hard on yourself." 

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