Horse Meat Found in IKEA Meatballs

February 26, 2013

The European horse meat scandal continues with IKEA's iconic meatballs. Food inspectors in the Czech Republic found traces of horse meat in the meatballs which are supposed to only contain pork and beef, making the Swedish store pull the item from their menus. 

An estimated 150 million of these horse meat meatballs have been consumed by customers around the world.  A sign in IKEA's Stockholm store suggests the furniture store is temporarily replacing the meatballs with beef and cream sauce served with potatoes. The frozen meatballs often sold in the store's grocery section have also been removed. 

IKEA spokesperson, Yiva Magnusson, said the Swedish chain is working on conducting their own tests on their European meatballs, which comes from one supplier- Familjen Dafgard. However, stores in Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Poland use their own local suppliers. 

"We hope that by taking decisive action, we can show our customers that we take their concerns seriously," Magnusson said. "It's important that our customers feels safe, and if they have concerns they should contact us." 

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