St Paddy's Day Push Pops

March 7, 2013

St. Paddy's Day push pops are a festive green dessert.  Layers of green tea ice cream are paired with Irish cream soaked brownies and whipped cream.  You can make this dessert in individual push pops or as a trifle. 

St. Paddy’s Push Pops” by Mr. Green Tea
Prep Time: About 45 minutes


Mr. Green Tea Green Tea ice cream
Brownie Mix
Tub of Cool Whip or Fresh Whipped Cream
Irish Crème Coffee Creamer (or Bailey’s Irish Cream for an adult twist!)
Green Sprinkles
Push Pops (Available at most craft stores)


1.  Make brownies according to packaging and allow them to fully cool.

2.  After brownies are cooled cut into squares sized for your push pops and place cut brownie pieces into a dish.

3. Poke brownie pieces with a fork to create small holes and pour ½ cup of Irish Crème Coffee Creamer over the brownies.

4. Place brownies in fridge for 10 minutes to allow them to absorb liquid. 

5. Place a layer of brownie in the bottom of push pop, top with a 2 ounce scoop of Mr. Green Tea’s Green Tea ice cream, add cool whip or whipped cream to the top and finish off with green sprinkles.

6. Place push pops in freezer until served.

NOTE: You can replace the push pops and layer this dessert in a “sundae glass” if necessary

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