Palace Chef Talks Royal Baby Diet

July 14, 2013

A former palace chef has revealed what the royal baby might be eating. Darren McGrady was a Kensington Palace chef who served the royal family for 11 years, when Prince William and Prince Harry were just children. The chef revealed some of the eating habits the princes had as kids.  

"William and Harry were royal princes but they had children's plates," McGrady told Us Weekly. "They loved nursery foods, they loved the comfort foods that their parents had too. Dishes like English Cottage Pie was one of Prince William's real favorites... the same thing with banana flan."

Prince William and Prince Harry also loved a good pizza and once tried to convince McGrady to secretly make one for them.

"I remember one time coming back to work in the evening with plans to roast a chicken with broccoli and cabbage and potatoes for the nursery dinner for William and Harry, and there was a note on the table saying, 'Darren, cancel the chicken and broccoli and cabbage tonight and give the boys pizza please,' but it was written by a 7-year-old! It was the boys' attempt to try and sway me!" 

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