8 Predicted Trends in Fast Food for 2014

January 14, 2014
Can we really predict what the big fast food trends will be this year? It’s certainly possible; QSR Magazine sifted through two dozen lists created by various fast food and culinary experts and found these 8 trends were the biggest hits:
1. Ingredient transparency
Consumers want to know what’s in their food, and where it comes from. Locally sourced ingredients are on the rise.
2. Bold flavors
Americans, no matter their heritage, are looking for punchier flavors in more specific “ethnic” cuisines, like Szechuan or Sicilian.
3. Stabilized food costs
Food price increases this year will be less drastic than in 2013, and it will take some time before the market reflects the reaction between beef prices and grain prices.
4. Tea as a drink and ingredient
Tea is the next great caffeinated beverage! Maybe a big chain will begin to market a light, flavorful snack, like these green tea bites.
5. Mobile technology as the new norm
Expect a decline in paper coupons and print advertisements. The next big target? Your smartphone, your social media accounts and your gaming systems.
6. Better-for-you foods go mainstream
Along with the first trend of ingredient transparency comes a concern for health. Just keep an eye out for menu items that claim they’re healthy, despite not-so-great nutrition facts.
7. Flexibility in food and hours
Snacks and all-day-eating are bigger than ever. Does this mean we’ll soon be able to eat the McDonald’s breakfast menu at any time of day?
8. Sour and tart tastes
With the growing popularity of spicy foods like sriracha and Taco Bell’s fiery new tacos, we’ll also see a rise in other stronger tastes. Pickled onions or Korean kimchi might kick a simple cheeseburger into high gear!
Do you agree with these predicted food trends? Do you have any predictions of your own?

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