Delightful Spring Peas

March 20, 2014

After what seems like the longest winter on record, it is time to build ourselves back up with the freshness of the garden season. Peas are early, naturally sweet, and bright with healthiness. We eat our fill in many ways. Check out these awesome recipes that include this springtime favorite.

This classic dish made by the wildly popular chef; Julia Child's Buttered Peas With Mint, will satisfy your hunger for fresh spring bounty.


Zucchini Split Pea Soup

Creamy and rich tasting, try making this Zucchini Split Pea Soup as a light lunch or dinner dish.


Peas, Lettuce, and Fennel Salad

What a joyful recipe: Peas, Lettuce, and Fennel Salad will bring Spring right to the table!


Perfect Peas

Never been able to hit the mark while making fresh peas? This recipe for Perfect Peas, will show you how its done.


Sauteed Peas and Asparagus

Two early spring vegetables combine, to make this show stopping: Sauteed Peas and Asparagus side dish. Wonderful!

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