Take the 3rd Annual State of Food Blogging Survey!

April 30, 2014

Foodista and Zephyr Adventures have teamed up to conduct the 3rd annual State of Food Blogging survey, which will reveal key statistics and trends pertinent to the food blogging community. Think Technorati's State of the Blogosphere annual reports, but catered specifically to food bloggers.

This information is essential to ongoing innovation and trends within our industry. Food bloggers can use the State of Food Blogging survey results to gauge their goals against fellow participants, or discover what advertising methods worked best (and worst) for others. Industry professionals will learn what factors are most important to food blogger conference attendees, and how food bloggers are using social media. On our end, Foodista and Zephyr Adventures will use the survey results to help shape the content we provide at the International Food Bloggers' Conference.

All State of Food Blogging survey responses will be kept entirely confidential -- they will only be used in aggregated form -- and all participants will receive a completed report.

Take the State of Food Blogging Survey here!