A Twist on Classic Potato Salad

June 1, 2014

Potato salad and summer go hand in hand.  Whenever there is a barbecue, more than likely there is a bowl of potato salad too.  But poor potato salad; its been overused and poorly seasoned with ingredients that underwhelm the palette.  

This Japanese version from Set the Table changes that.  Tender red potatoes are combined with crispy slices of cucumber and thinly sliced red onions.  The dressing is mayonnaise mixed with hot mustard.  I add a few splashes of rice wine vinegar too.  

The key to potato salad is to use the mayonnaise dressing in moderation, you do not want to drown the potatoes to the point where you cannot taste the other ingredients. This potato salad isn't revolutionary but there are enough small changes that make it exciting, new, and of course, delicious.  Serve this recipe at your next outdoor cookout and watch heads turn as they try this updated version of potato salad.  Click here for full recipe instructions.

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