Tongs and 4 More Must-Have Barbecue Tools

June 12, 2014

A barbecue pit master is only as good as the tools he uses.  Being equipped with good grilling tools will make your life easier and your dishes turn out more successfully.  Even though grill kits come with up to 20 gadgets, you only really need a handful of them. 

Stainless Steel Skewers

These reusable skewers were designed to hold a lot of food. You can load up these skewers with large cubes of fruits, vegetables and meat.  Also, they are stainless steel which prevents them from rusting.

Silicone Brush Mop

Silicone brush mops are easy to clean and great for basting sauces that add flavor and moisture to whatever you're cooking.


Tongs are a griller's best friend.  They are an indispensable tool because they allow you to move your food on the grill.  Find a pair that fits your hand and has a silicone handle for a better grip.

Barbecue Thermometer

An instant read thermometer is the most accurate way to measure doneness. This is especially important when cooking meat.

Brass Brush

A brass brush will keep your grate clean without damaging it.

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