How to Pick the Best Peach Before The Summer is Over

August 1, 2014

You are often faced with a gamble when purchasing peaches from a big box grocery store: your first bite will either be met with juicy sweet orange flesh or an unpleasant mealy acidic mess. Peaches are part of the stone fruit family along with nectarines, plums and apricots and are usually picked before they are ripened. When you see peaches piled high on top of each other at the supermarket, that's usually a sign that they are not ready to eat. Look for peaches with even coloring (no green and more orange and red), are soft when pressed gently and have an unmistakable peachy odor. These are the same indicators you would use when evaluating the ripeness of any stone fruit.

If you purchase unripe peaches, allow them to sit out on the countertop next to the bananas. As bananas ripen, they release a gas that helps other fruits do the same. This process can be even faster when placed into a brown paper bag.

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