Black and White Rice Krispie Squares

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August 29, 2014
Rice Krispie treats are a favorite childhood treat. For many, making them is one of the earliest experiences to have in the kitchen. What's not to love about the traditional recipe? Melted butter and marshmallows are mixed with crunchy rice krispies. 
The whole mix is pressed into a greased pan and allowed to cool. Eating a few bites of the warm mix is perfectly acceptable, and it's too tasty to resist! 
Once the pan is cooled, cut the bars into pieces. It's fun to cut bite sized pieces and decorate each one as a sweet alternative to finger food, or larger bars  that can be wrapped individually. 
Now that Rice Krispie treats have been around for quite some time, creative cooks have improved on this yummy dessert in a bunch of ways. Rice krispie treats are pretty sturdy, so they layer well. Many of the fancy shaped cakes are actually fondant or frosting covered rice krispie treats that have been cooled until firm and then carved into fun shapes. The most recent fun change to the recipe, is to add a box of dry pudding to the mix. That way,  you can make any flavor treat imaginable. How about cherry bars with chocolate frosting? Or banana flavored? 
This versatile dessert should be on every party menu. We found a special recipe for back and white rice krispie treats that includes Oreos and white chocolate. Thanks to one of our favorite YouTube channels; Yoyomax12, you now have a special dessert that is simple to make and  pretty enough to share. 

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