5 Must-Try End of Summer Burgers to Make Before Its Too Late

September 3, 2014

Burgers are the quintessential summer.  Whether you prefer them made with beef, chicken or fish or simply dressed with ketchup and mustard, there is a burger for everyone.  Since the summer is coming to a close, so is grilling season.  That means you have to squeeze in as many burger recipes as you can before the seasons change.  These five mouth watering burger recipes are the perfect send off to the summer sun.

Juicy Salmon Burgers
Recipe from Jessica Gavin

These juicy salmon burgers are one of the best I've ever made.  The freshly formed patty is flavored with capers, shallots and Dijon mustard -  all of which pair nicely with salmon.  They are served on soft potato buns with a lemon dill sauce and your favorite burger fixings.

Mexican Turkey and Portobello Burgers
Recipe from GI365

The Mexican inspired turkey Portobello burger is a low carb version of this comfort food classic.  Instead of a hamburger bun, these burgers are served on grilled mushroom caps.  For a vegetarian version, substitute with a black bean patty or simply eat the mushroom slathered with gucamole and topped with cheese and salsa.

Bacon Cheeseburgers with Kimchi Ketchup
Recipe from Perpetually Hungry

The homemade kimchi ketchup sets this bacon cheeseburger apart from the rest.  For this Korean inspired condiment, blend your favorite brand of ketchup with your favorite kimchi (homemade or store bought).  The array of flavors will surprise and delight your taste buds.

Chicken Teriyaki Burgers
Recipe from Port and Fin

Sometime chicken burgers can be dry and overcooked but that's not the case with these chicken teriyaki burgers.  The chicken patties are bursting with garlic, ginger and soy sauce and the caramelized onions and pineapple help keep the burger moist and juicy.

Chipotle Burgers with Corn Fritters
Recipe from Half Baked Harvest

You always think of corn fritters as more of a side dish instead of a burger topping but these chipotle cheddar burgers change that notion.  The crunch from the fritters is the perfect contrast to the meaty patty and smooth guacamole.  You'll never think of fritters the same way again after having a bite of this burger.

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