Kitchen Secrets Video: How to Julienne a Bell Pepper

September 11, 2014

Want to know how to julienne a bell pepper?  In this episode of Foodista's Kitchen Secrets follow Tom Black, of Gourmondo Catering, as he shows you how to cut up and julienne a bell pepper. A julienne is a classic cut that turns the food item into thin strips. A julienne can sometimes be referred to as a matchstick cut because the end result usually resembles just that--a matchstick! 

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Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Tom Black. I’m the executive chef at the Gourmondo Catering Company and we are at our Elliot Cafe in Seattle. Today we are talking about julienne. Julienne is a type of cut, that is a thin strip of a cut of a vegetable. We are going to use a pepper today as an example. Cut the pepper directly in half from north to south. So once you get the pepper cut in half, I like to remove the seed pod and some of the pith. Just using the tip of my knife, you can also use a paring knife to do this. I typically will use my chefs knife. I’ll cut it in half again, getting it into quarters. And then I will clean the pith out. How I do that is I filet it. So I will press the pepper down and I will start at the bottom. Coming about halfway through the pepper in thickness I will take the pith all the way out. Leaving the meat side up and not the skin side we will do general slices. The tip of your knife should never leave your cutting board. You are just going to rock it slowly and move it slowly down the vegetable. And there you have a julienne.