Kitchen Secrets Video: How to Dice Celery

October 9, 2014
Dicing celery can be difficult given the odd shape of celery. Round on one side, concave on the other...what more do you want from me! Learn how to perfectly dice a a stalk of celery in this episode of Foodista's Kitchen Secrets. Follow Tom Black, of Gourmondo Catering, as he shows you how.
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Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Tom Black. I’m the executive chef at the Gourmondo Catering Company and we are at our Elliot Cafe in downtown Seattle. Today we are going to dice celery. The root end we will not use. I usually cut it off right where it starts to turn white. We also won’t use the leafy edge. Celery is a little different vegetable as far as it is concave, its got a cup in the middle of it. Typically what I will do it I will cut it into lengths that I want to work with. I put it on the back of the celery and then work my way around. Just kind of rolling it as I go. Then I will go through and just cut it at the width I want my dice. You can vary the size of your dice. If you want a larger dice I would just cut the celery directly in half and then go back and do the same process. That’s how you dice celery.


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