5 Fresh and Easy Ways to Eat Green Beans Outisde of the Casserole

November 14, 2014

Green bean casserole is a classic on Thanksgiving but with so many rich dishes crowding the table, it is nice to have an alternative every once in awhile.  These five fresh and easy green bean recipes provide lighter options as well as offering a counterpoint to other heavier side dishes.  Instead of crsipy French onions or cream of mushroom soup, your Thanksgiving green beans will be flavored with salty bacon, crunchy almonds, and tart lemon zest.

Green Bean Bacon Bundles
Recipe from Elly Says Opa

Green bean bacon bundles are not only packed with flavor but offer a beautiful presentation as well.  The bacon is precooked on the stove top for a few minutes before it is carefully wrapped around the green beans.  The bundles are sprinkled with brown sugar and drizzled with garlic butter before heading into the oven.

Dijon Maple Green Bean Salad
Recipe from Carlsbad Cravings

Instead of a winter green salad, opt for a green bean salad studded with caramelized pecans, feta cheese and bacon.  A homemade maple dijon vinaigrette is tossed with perfectly cooked crunchy green beans just before serving.  The best part about this dish is that you do not have to worry about lettuce leaves wilting - this salad actually tastes better the longer it sits.

Green beans with Caramelized Onions and and Almonds
Recipe from The Adventure Bite

Satisfy your craving for canned onions and green beans with this quick and easy side dish.  Green beans with caramelized onions and almonds is a gourmet twist on this favorite Thanksgiving casserole.  This vegetable dish comes together in just 20 minutes on the stove top.

Zesty Steamed Green Beans
Recipe from Love Laugh Cook

Cooking green beans does not get any simpler than making zesty steamed green beans.  Crisp and vibrant green beans are steamed before being tossed with a lemon butter sauce.  This fresh side dish has less than five ingredients but is guaranteed to stand out on the Thanksgiving table.

Quinoa and Green Beans
Recipe from Foodness Gracious

A healthy alternative to green bean casserole is quinoa and green bean salad. The super-grain is mixed with fresh green beans, roasted garlic cloves, yellow squash and marinated artichokes to form a perfectly balanced dish in both texture and flavor.

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