Chia and Acai Bowl with Tropical Fruit

January 10, 2015

In recent years, acai has been praised for its numerous health benefits. This tropical superfruit has been praised for its high antioxidant content which is associated with lower cholesterol levels, preventing blood clots, improving overall blood circulation, and relaxing the blood vessels.  These quick and easy acai bowls are a healthy breakfast, snack or even dessert.  Acai bowls were made popular in Brazil.  Surfers, volleyball players and beach goers frequently enjoy this simple and satisfying treat.  This dish is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to whatever fruits and toppings you have on hand.  The important thing to remember is to include a variety of complimentary textures and flavors.

Chia and Acai Bowl with Tropical Fruit
Serves 2


2 (100 gram) packets frozen acai smoothie
1/2 cup coconut milk or other non-dairy milk (like almond milk or cashew milk)
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup toasted shredded coconut
2 tablespoons Chia seeds
1/4 cup mango, diced
1/4 cup kiwi, diced
1/4 cup papaya, diced
1/4 granola


Step 1: Thaw the acai packets until slightly softened. You can do this by running the packets under warm water or leave them on the counter for a few minutes.  You want the packets to still be mostly frozen but not rock solid.

Step 2: In a blender, combine acai smoothie packets with milk, frozen banana, and frozen blueberries.  Process the mixture until just smooth.  The smoothie should appear thick.

Step 3: Divide mixture among two bowls then top with toasted shredded coconut, chia seeds, papaya, kiwi, mango and granola, as desired.

*Note: The toppings for these acai bowls vary depending on what is available in your pantry and what fruits are in season and affordable.  This bowl is especially delicious in the summer when berries are plentiful. You can add other seeds like hemp seeds, sesame seeds (black or white), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or flax seeds, Other toppings include cacao nibs, slivered almonds, gogi berries, oats, and nut butters (almond, cashew, or peanut butter).

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