Walnuts and Berries: 5 Easy Recipes to Boost Your Brain!

February 7, 2015

Some things are a match made in heaven: Romeo and Juliet, wine and cheese, walnuts and berries. Okay, maybe nuts and fruit aren’t the most romantic couple but recent research shows that eating nuts, like walnuts, along with berries can help keep your brain healthy and stave off the effects of cognitive aging, and we think a sharp mind is downright sexy! We’re celebrating the perfect pairing of walnuts and berries with this collection of easy recipes that will boost your brain and keep you thinking like a youngster.

Wild Berry Crumble
Use a blend of your favorite fresh or frozen berries and heart-healthy walnuts to make this delicious crumble.

Walnut Blueberry Oatmeal Energy Bites
These nutrient-dense bites are packed with tasty goodness. They’re the perfect on-the-go breakfast or a healthy snack around 3pm.

Toasted Quinoa-Walnut Breakfast “Sundaes”
No need to cook the quinoa! Simply soak then toast it for a crispy crunch that’s simply superb in this fruity breakfast yogurt parfait.

Wild Blueberry Chutney
Serve this full-of-flavor chutney warm or cold with a mild cheese like goat or brie and top with toasted walnuts.

The perfect pairing of tart and sweet is what you get in this delicious quick bread recipe.

Recipes courtesy of California Walnuts.