Darned good coffee

February 27, 2015

Yesterday I was in New York City and I seized the opportunity to save shipping and get myself over to Porto Rico Coffee Importers. 

  For those of you who don't know this company, please consider this your wake-up call.  Porto Rico has been importing and roasting coffee since way before it was trendy to gasp over coffee that tastes more like lemonade than rich, thick and dark coffee. 

I for one am not impressed by coffee with citrus notes so for my taste- Porto Rico should just keep doing what they are doing.  Since 1907.. Before coffee became trendy and sporting. 

When it was the drink of the the worker- not the yuppie or the affected. 

That brings me to Seattle Distilling Coffee Liqueur.  And a good shot of Barrell Whiskey #001.  Plus a marvelous new bitter from my friend Joe Fee.  It's Molasses.  The deepest, darkest sugar- bitter, sweet- salubrious.   A tangle of the islands- sweet floral notes and spices in each smoky drop. 


I call this drink- 

Standing on Moon Street, Waiting...


1 oz. Barrell Whiskey

2 oz. Seattle Distilling Coffee Liqueur

3 oz. Hot Chocolate- chilled

Ice Spear

Fee Brothers Molasses Bitters (Brand New!)


Add the ice spear to an Old Fashioned Glass

Add the Barrell Whiskey

Top with the Seattle Distilling Coffee Liqueur

Add the chilled "Hot" Chocolate and the chilled "Hot" Coffee...

Dot with the Fee Brothers Molasses Bitters to finish. 

Finger-stir and serve...