Apple Cider Donuts

September 21, 2015

When we owned our greenhouse business in Upstate New York, we hosted busloads of kids from the area schools, to tour our corn maze, hear a fall themed story, and enjoy a cup of apple cider and homemade cider donuts. I do believe that the kids could smell those donuts frying, and it helped navigate them through the maze much faster. 

Apple cider donuts are best made as cake donuts. This means the old fashioned variety that is rolled, cut and then placed in hot oil until they puff up and become golden brown. The consistency was heavier than a yeast donut, but still moist and delicate enough to be a real treat. My mom used to make these and roll them in cinnamon and sugar. It still is my favorite kind-even with all the frosted and multi colored confections that pass as donuts today. 

This recipe, from the Foodista archives, is almost the one that I always use. You can't go wrong. The littlest chefs can help with everything but the frying. Enjoy! 

Apple Cider Donuts


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