5 Spooky Delicious Halloween Treats

October 16, 2015

Enjoy these deliciously spooky treats for Halloween this year. Your guests and ghosts will love the scary cheese plate, the caramel pumpkin spice rice krispie treats, and even the ghastly candy bark! It's a wonderful time to scare the costume off your dinner guests with plenty of these spooktacular foods. Honestly, who doesn't love a good glass shard in their cupcake? 

Deathly Hallows Cheese Board

From Half Baked Harvest

Spooky Spiced Pumpkin Pie

From My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

Caramel Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats Pinwheels

From Mom On Time Out

Ghastly Candy Bark

From The Simple Sweet Life

Mutilated Zombie Cupcakes with Edible Glass Shards

From Boulder Locavore



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