4 Butternut Squash Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

November 6, 2015
It's that time of year again! Squash is the final part of the fall harvest and farmer's markets are loaded with this sweet vegetable. Butternut is my go-to for many dishes. It's an easy keeper in the root cellar and is such a versatile ingredient in a list of my family's favorite recipes. 
There is much more to butternut squash than a creamy side dish. Check out some of my best ideas for adding this nutritious and inexpensive fall vegetable to your diet. 
Start your meal with a creamy, sweet soup that is loaded with flavor. It's true comfort food. 
Forget everything you think that you know about lasagna and sink your teeth into this savory, hearty dish with fall flavors. It's an elegant meal that is just different enough to make you a cooking superstar! 
A rustic meal that would be filling as a light lunch on it's own, or add a salad and bread to make it a main dish. Truly a spectacular way to showcase two of the most common fall foods you can buy. 
From the naturally sweet flavor, to the delicate texture, this is a fancy way to get healthy food into your loved ones. We especially love the layers of onion and vegan cheese that make this a surprisingly hearty dish. 

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