Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes That Save You Money

February 27, 2016

Chicken seems to be our go to meat these days. The kids love it, and since it cooks quickly and takes on endless flavors with ease, I love to cook with it. At our local grocery store, we have a wonderful meat selection and they sell chicken drumsticks for sixty cents a pound sometimes, so that is when I stock up. 

Chicken drumsticks have plenty of meat on them, a build in handle for the kids, and tuck into lunch boxes and picnic baskets well. They are an inexpensive way to make a meal. It's also an opportunity for you to try out different glazes and sauces. A certain quick and easy dinner that the whole family will love. 

Blackberry Balsamic Drumsticks

A unique pairing of truly sweet and tangy, the fresh blackberries are a surprising ingredient, but they taste perfectly decadent with the balsamic and rosemary ingredients. This is such an elegant way to serve a humble piece of chicken. 

Balsamic Honey Chicken Drumsticks

You won't be able to resist this tangy glaze. It's the perfect marriage of balsamic and honey coating every bite. Bring extra napkins for this one. 

Caramelized Sweet Soy Sauce Drumsticks

The sweet salty combination of these lovely drumsticks is a kid friendly favorite! Soy gives the chicken a depth of flavor in every bite that you will crave. We love these with a simple rice side dish and some fruit salad. One of our family's favorites.

Indonesian Ginger Chicken

By Sprinkle and Sprout

Richly seasoned marinade makes these drumsticks a winner. The spicy ginger is tempered with the soy sauce, and garlic, and lemon. The Dijon mustard smoothens everything out and the results are truly satisfying. These of course tastes wonderful the first night, but do plan on saving some for lunch the next day. The flavor just gets better. 


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