Rob Merlino Celebrates National Hot Dog Month With a 31-Day Frankfurter Binge

July 28, 2011

Rob Merlino of Natick, Mass. is celebrating National Hot Dog Month in fine foodie fashion: he's eating a hot dog every day of July. Merlino's love of frankfurters is more than just a hobby, as he ran his own hot dog truck for several years.

"People say New England's not hot dog country, but there's a real rich tradition of hot dogs in New England and the Boston area," Merlino said. So far, he's had boiled, fried, grilled and steamed hot dogs from all over the area.

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Tamar's picture

Put some kimchi on those to make them digestible. :)

Ellery's picture

Deep fried, buttered & grilled NE style bun, MROK and bacon. Yep, that's a Fairfield County favorite. Missing them & jealous.