Another Deadly Meal in China

August 22, 2011

In a sad and senseless story, 11 people were killed and 120 sickened from tainted vinegar in western China.

The victims were sharing an evening meal after their daily Ramadan fast. The cause of the mass poisoning is believed to be a batch of vinegar, which had been stored in barrels that previously contained antifreeze.

This is yet another example of China not adhering to a basic level of food safety standards. Clearly, they need tighter food regulations and a basic concern for the safety of their citizens.

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That many million and we should worry about what they eat? Really?

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that many million are made up of individual people who have lives and relationships not just within their own families but within the world community...who knows how ANY tragedy, never mind a senseless one will come and haunt us within the 6 degrees separation in the west. We are all connected, and the sooner we realize that the better for the entire planet.

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Strange that anti-freeze kills- Jk. Propylyne glycol is used in a variety of foods here-namely salad dressings. Most people don't know that tho.... Read labels and know what you are consuming.