Man Consuming Only Breast Milk

September 22, 2011

A series of strange circumstances caused Curtis and Katie, a married couple of three children, to have an incredible surplus of breast milk. Katie got into the habit of pumping milk for two hours daily because she feared her milk would dry up. 

So, they amassed a freezer full of unconsumed breast milk. Well, the family is moving and cannot take the milk with them, so Curtis decided to take one for the team and drink his wife's milk for as long as he can. The couple is documenting the journey on a blog, Don't Have a Cow Curtis. They're tracking his weight and calorie input quite closely. 

Apparently, Katie's milk contains 27-32 calories an ounce (higher than the average of 17-22) so Curtis need to drink around 66 ounces every day for nourishment. The couple has made it to day 3.

"Near the end of the day I started craving solid foods, so I drank more milk and it satisfied my hunger. I am really enjoying the milk now and am always surprised how each glass tastes different," Curtis wrote

Here's the couple's explanation for why they did not donate to a milk bank. What do you think of their experiment? 

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