MTV's Chelsea Settles Loses 116 Pounds Through Healthy Eating

January 3, 2012

MTV star Chelsea Settles recently divulged how she lost 116 pounds to Us Magazine; unsurprisingly, it took dedication, a healthy eating plan and plenty of exercise. Settles began to work out and stuck to a strict diet packed with protein and vegetables.

"I got focused," Settles explained. "I started to eat for the right reasons -- for fuel -- not because I was bored or emotional. I'd never really believed I could change. But as soon as I visualized what I'd look like if I did and stopped making excuses, change happened."

Settles once weighed 325 pounds, but she's now less than 10 pounds away from weighing less than 200 pounds -- her goal. For more celebrity weight-loss stories, see this article.

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She doesn't look like she lost any weight they just dresses her in spanx and said she did.