Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails at Hyde Bellagio

October 6, 2012

Hand-crafted sophisticated cocktails like the ones served at Hyde Lounge at Bellagio are quickly replacing those unfortunate syrupy libations, but liquid nitrogen cocktails? Now that's cool. The roving nitrogen cart rolls up tableside for an impressive display that's part science, part mixology. The result? A very tasty adult version of ice cream. At Hyde you'll find a splendid collection of both well-made classic and new-school cocktails. The open-air, ultra-hip lounge overlooks the Fountains at Bellagio, a spectacle of over 1,000 fountain nozzles shooting 250 feet in the air in sync with the lounge's music. That's cool, too. 

Hyde Lounge's travel expenses were generously hosted by ARIA as part of the 3rd Annual Food & Wine All Star Weekend.



dave's picture

And someone just lost their stomach drinking one of these things, is that cool too?

Sheri Wetherell's picture

The incident to which you are referring is indeed unfortunate. The nitrogen clearly is not meant to be ingested, by any means, but used only as a quick freezing device. Great care needs to be taken when handling this substance.