How To Make Gummy Bears

October 19, 2013

There is a place in York, Maine, that stands above the rest when it comes to candy. They have tons of amazing candies for sale and one of those candies is gummy bears. You can buy a box of blueberry gummy bears that are to die for.

These gummies are fresh, plump, and full of flavor. No dried out, cheap imitations there. In fact, one of the coolest varieties is their blueberry gummy bear. I mean, really. Blueberry? I used to love breaking out my babysitting money and buying a full pound of those babies. I nibbled on them for the entire week our family was in Maine on vacation. 

If you love gummy bears as much as I, errr my kids do, here is a recipe for making your own. The cook was even kind enough to share his supplier for gummy bear molds. Check it out!

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Laura @MotherWouldKnow's picture

Love Gummi Bears, but when the lesson begins with how difficult the mods are to find, I begin to wonder why not just enjoy the ones from the store. Does making them home-made really results in a better-tasting end result?

Amy Jeanroy's picture

Oh I know...~sigh~ . It's just so fun to make anything from scratch. Oh wait, hopefully I am not the only one..




Amy J

Tricia Allen's picture

I have been looking for the blueberry gummi bears from the Goldenrod for over 20 years....I cant find them anymore and this is the first time I've EVER heard of someone else who loved them too!! WOW!! So does this recipe do my memoried any justice? I soooooo miss those!!

sara.y's picture

easy and terrific...yum!