Troy Landry of "Swamp People" to Release Cookbook

July 21, 2011

Troy Landry of "Swamp People" has emerged as a breakout star of the odd bayou series, and the eccentric History Channel star is set to release a cookbook with favorite backwoods recipes. One of the recipes, as Landry tells TMZ, is Nutria Sauce Piquante, a gumbo-style dish that features nutria, a large rodent common in the area.

Troy Landry's father owned a restaurant, so he's got culinary chops. Would you chow down on "Swamp People" cuisine?

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Vickie Lawson's picture

Can't wate love love love the show go Troy.Love to try some of these recpies.Sootum

David Scott's picture

I wondered if Troy would give up his reciepes.When I see him cooking on the show my mouth waters.

Curtrice Hertlein's picture

If I could In any way possible, I'd get the first copy off
the presses cause I LOVE TO COOK!!! Wish I could meet
Troy and get him to autograph the one I do get, personally!