Vicious McDonald's Beating Caught On Tape

October 16, 2011

Warning: The video above contains profanity and graphic content. Two customers and a McDonald's cashier got into an argument that quickly turned violent, leaving both customers with serious injuries and all three people facing criminal charges. The cashier beat the customers with a metal rod and the entire incident was captured on video. 

Trouble began when the cashier, Rayon McIntosh, 31, questioned the authenticity of a $50 the two female customers gave him. The women responded with profanity and one of them jumped over the counter. McIntosh disappears for a moment, then returns with a metal hod and severely beats the women. One of them sustained a fractured skull that required surgery and a broken arm, while the other customer received a deep laceration. 

McIntosh was charged with two counts of felony assault. He previously spent several years in jail for killing a high school classmate. Both women were charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing. The cashier has since been fired by the Greenwich Village McDonald's. 


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