Jason Statham is a 'Clean' Eater

April 28, 2012

Jason Statham has one simple rule to his diet -- stay away from the bad stuff. 

"There's no free lunch. You have to put the work in. You know, I've never felt better than the times when I've sacrificed alcohol and bad food," the action flick stud said. "You have to give all that up and you train extremely hard. It releases so many good endorphins. You feel so clear and there is no substitute for that feeling. I don't know why everybody doesn't do that because it really is the best you could ever feel when you're eating clean and training hard." 

Statham also says it's important to set fitness goals, even during the holidays.

"Come Christmas time, that all goes away and you go: 'Oh! It's Christmas and it's time for a celebration!' And then you gorge and indulge and you feel like crap. You need another catalyst to go, 'Right, clunk, that's it, I'm going to start fresh again.' People need to set a goal." 

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Jason Statham is a spunk and in some ways I'm not surprised to read that he is a eats clean too - but my suspicious mind wonders if that is true. aMakes sense at least and I hope other people follow along

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what does it mean "unable to send email"? Does that mean my whole comment is stuffed?