Easy Breaded Shrimp Scampi

February 1, 2013

Chef Marco Pierre White shows us how to make this easy breaded shrimp scampi recipe in just a few minutes. A pinch of fresh rosemary is added to the breadcrumbs for an extra touch flavor. Try this recipe with chicken or fish too! Watch the video below on how to make this simple and delicious dish.

So what we’re going to cook now is breaded scampi.  Scampi in a basket but with a little bit of a twist.  So the first thing we’re going to do is take some of our granules.  And rather than season the shrimps, we’ll season the breadcrumbs and then we’ll mix that into the breadcrumbs because that’s what you’re going to dust the scampi into.  And you want fine breadcrumbs.  These are a bit coarser from the supermarket, who cares?  These came from a supermarket; I just passed them through a sieve, that’s what I did.  Okay, some egg wash, very simple.  And so we put some oil on, there we go.  So what we’re going to add to the breadcrumbs is a little rosemary, just give it a little twist, that’s all.  So we just chop this finely.  And rosemary works very well with shrimp.  Now, almost there now, so in with your breadcrumbs.  So in here you’ve got your breadcrumbs, your seasoning granules and your rosemary.  Egg wash, it’s quite a messy job but it’s a quick job.  Just whisk it in so it’s all broken down, mixed together.  Now what we’re going to do is take our shrimps which we got from the supermarket.  They are headless, shelled, raw shrimps.  So just give them a dusting of flour and then dust off the flour in your hands.

I mean, this is fantastic, and my children love this dish.  And you can do the same with chicken, you know, little strips of chicken.  And so get that flour off them, just dip them in there, just roll them in the breadcrumbs.  Just gently roll them round.  So a light dusting of breadcrumbs and they won’t take that long to cook once they’re in.  You can breadcrumb any fish you want, I mean you can breadcrumb sole, you can breadcrumb monkfish, you know, shrimps.  It’s fine, just little tails, tiny little pieces of monkfish, little pieces of whiting, little pieces of cod.  Just cooks very quickly.  So we just put them in.  And just keep on turning them.  As you can see, you’ll see the herbs, I’ve put herbs through the crumbs, the granules through the crumbs as a seasoning.  So I’ve turned my gas off now, I’ll just finish them off.  And as I say it’s very quick, once you’ve got your oil, you’re talking seconds.  And as I say I turned it off that last 15 seconds.  Then we just put them in our bowl or our basket.  Just put some herbs on, crispy herbs and a bit of lemon.

So as you can see I just drain them on the dory just to take that excess fat off, but you know, they took 15 to 30 seconds to cook but I turned off the heat 15 seconds before I’d fished them all out because it’s hot enough you see, it’ll just continue cooking.  And you can see they’re not brown brown, they’re cooked.  Perfection is lots of little things done well so don’t try and rush it, don’t try and do everything at once.  Do your breadcrumbs with the herbs.  [0:04:14.3] your shrimps or breadcrumb whichever word you want to use, when that’s done then get your oil hot enough, in with the oil, out they go, serve straightaway.  Put you energies into each individual job.


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