Brachetto Or Braquet Grapes


A grape that produces a truly distinctive red wine that is a treasure to behold but seldom seen outside of Italy. Brachetto d'Acqui is a fizzy and fragrant red made from Brachetto grown in the hills of the DOCG Acqui in the Piemonte region in northwestern Italy. Low in alcohol and slightly frizzante (sparkling) Brachetto d'Acqui is famous for its light and elegant body and heavily perfumed foam. Production is low, so this highly sought after dessert wine is hard to find. This grape produces wines of a light body but heavy in strawberries, cherries and raspberries.


Translations: Brachetto Vai Braquet Vīnogas, Brachetto Arba Braquet Vynuogės, Sau Brachetto Braquet Struguri, Brachetto Ili Braquet grožđa, Hoặc Brachetto Braquet Nho, Brachetto albo Braquet Winogrona, Of Brachetto Braquet Druiven, Brachetto या Braquet अंगूर, Uvas Brachetto Ou Braquet, Или Brachetto Бракет виноград, Brachetto Ή Braquet Σταφύλια, Brachetto أو Braquet العنب, Brachetto 아니면 Braquet 포도나무, Brachetto Nebo Braquet bobulí, Брацхетто Или Бракует грожђа, Brachetto O Braquet mga ubas, Brachetto或者布拉奎特葡萄, O Brachetto Braquet Raïms, Brachetto Ali Braquet Grozdje, Brachetto Alebo Braquet bobúľ, Oppure Braquet Uve Brachetto, Brachetto או Braquet ענבי, Brachetto Eller Braquet Vindruvor, Brachetto Atau Braquet Anggur, ブラケットまたはブラキットブドウ, Cépages Brachetto Ou Braquet, Oder Braquet Brachetto Trauben, Brachetto Eller Braquet Druer, Brachetto Eller Braquet Druer, O Brachetto Braquet Uvas, Або Brachetto Бракет виноград, Brachetto Tai Braquet Viinirypäleet, Brachetto Или Braquet Грозде



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