An Italian cows' milk cheese from Piedmont. Made in three varieties: Bra d'alpeggio, Bra duro, Bra tenero. It is ages from 45 days to one year. The firmness of thes cheese depends on the length of aging, shorter being softer. Characteristics: Height: 7-9 cm, diameter 30-40 cm, weight: 7-8 kg; shape: cylindrical crust: smooth, rather thick, tan-colored, sparse straw color with small holes. It orginates in the town of Bra in the Piedmont region, Province of Cuneo, the only place it can be legally made in the province of Cuneo. It is a DOP cheese (Denominazione di Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of Origin). Aging is allowed in Turin as well.


Translations: Krūšturis, Liemenėlė, Sutien, Grudnjak, Áo ngực, Biustonosz, Beha, ब्रा, Sutiã, Бюстгальтер, Σουτιέν, حمالة صدر, 브래지어, Podprsenka, BH, 胸罩, Suport, Podprsenka, Reggiseno, חזייה, Behå, Брусхалтер, ブラジャー, Soutien-gorge, BH, Bh, BH, Sostén, Бюстгальтер, Rintaliivit, Сутиен



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