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IFBC: The First and Best Food Blogger Conference!

We are thrilled to announce that IFBC is coming back to Seattle in 2014!

Register for 2014!

Organized by and Zephyr Adventures, IFBC was the first-ever conference for food bloggers, first held in May of 2009. The series focuses on three themes: Food, Writing, and Technology. This event will feature high-quality educational sessions, personal networking opportunities, and what 95% of attendees say is the best food and wine of any blogging conference! Join us for our SIXTH annual conference again in beautiful Seattle, Washington!

Dates: September 19 - 21, 2014
Location: The Westin Seattle
Registration Fee: $395 / $95

2013 SOLD OUT fast, so be sure to register early for 2014!!

*The cost of registration for all participants is $395. However, new in 2013, for food bloggers with an active blog who agree to write at least three posts about the conference, the cost is only $95. You can choose to write about anything you want - the conference itself, the venue, the sponsors, or the food - and can do so before, during, or immediately after the conference. This is our way of supporting food bloggers as you attempt to make a living (or cut costs from) your food blogging.

Above photo by Seattle Municipal Archives

Ba Bar, the little sister restaurant of Monsoon (also featured at the IFBC Taste of Seattle), was inspired by the street foods of Saigon that owner siblings Sophie and Eric Banh grew up eating. At Ba Bar, chefs Eric Banh and Dung Doan bring you the taste of Vietnam using ingredients found in the Pacific Northwest. It's is one of those restaurants where everything looks so good you wish you could have a bit of everything. Start with some Spinach Tofu Paper Wraps (Northwest tofu, Angiolina Farm Malabar spinach, mung bean, mushroom, soy vinaigrette), then move on to their Spicy Pork Belly (Carlton Farms pork belly, lemongrass, bird’s eye pepper, shrimp sauce) served with a choice of fresh bánh hỏi or broken rice (get a Wilcox Farm egg added on top for 2 bucks), or perhaps the Bánh Cuốn (house made rice noodle roll with ground pork, wood ear mushroom, minced shallot and Vietnamese pork sausage). On chilly days go for one of the noodles in broth dishes. Whatever you order you can't go wrong. Everything at Ba Bar is beyond amazing! Finish your meal with a decadent housemade pastry (we love the French macarons!), and don't forget to imbibe on a one of their classic or house-created cocktails.

And no, they did not name their restaurant after the French elephant Babar. “Ba” means father in Vietnamese. They named this place after their own dad, who inspired them all in so many different ways.

Meet the chefs of Ba Bar at the Taste of Seattle and Gourmet Fair at IFBC on Friday, September 20 and enjoy a sampling of their cuisine!

See their food, drink and pastry menus.

Photography by LookatLau Studio.

Volunteer Park Cafe's philosophy around food and cooking is much the same as we food bloggers share: community is built around the dinner table and relationships are nourished through food. At VPC they celebrate the local and seasonal bounty that the Pacific Northwest offers in a simple and straightforward way. It's always fresh goodness as they say.

From rustic pizzas (arugula spread, spicy sweet peppers, fresh mozzarella topped with prosciutto) to comforting small plates (mini free-range chicken pot pies) to seasonally-inspired shared plates (squash and blossom tempura with Meyer lemon aioli), you'll certainly get a taste of what we love in Seattle at Volunteer Park Cafe!

Don't miss VPC at IFBC on Friday, September 20 at the Taste of Seattle.

Be sure to visit their restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday Supper, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @VolunteerPark

The fairy princess of warm, gooey chocolate cakes in jars will be sharing her magical treats from Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery at IFBC! Be prepared to be spellbound by her out of this world desserts.

Autumn Martin started Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery back in 2008 with the name Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar. She created the handy totable treats for a charity event but they were so well received that orders came flooding in. So she quit her job as Head Chocolatier at Theo Chocolate and the rest is confection history.

What makes Autumn and her Hot Cakes so special? In my eyes, it's her commitment to local producers (she uses only the finest all-natural ingredients) and to sustainable agriculture. In order to better understand how the world of agriculture works and how our ingredients are produced, she spent countless hours volunteering on farms both locally and abroad.  As she says, "For us, it’s really quite simple. There are un-natural substances that rob soil of its nutrients; make animals sick, grow too quickly, or cause deformities — these are things that we don’t think are good for the longevity of our planet. Because we appreciate life and the wonderful natural world around us, it's important to us to take care of the things that allow us to be healthy and happy. Farmers work incredibly hard to grow and produce the food we eat. We feel really good about appreciating them. At Hot Cakes, we support farmers who understand the importance of giving back to the soil after it has provided and who treat their animals with kindness."

That's some serious karmic goodness right there!

Be sure to meet Autumn and sample her Hot Cakes at the IFBC Taste of Seattle next Friday, Sept. 20!

Read more about Hot Cakes here and stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter @GetYourHotCakes


Monsoon is the amazingly delicious brainchild of brother-sister team Eric and Sophie Banh. The sibling chefs grew up in Saigon where both Chinese and European cooking traditions influenced the cuisine, and at Monsoon they blend this style of traditional Vietnamese cooking with Pacific Northwest flavors in a modern and elegant setting. Enjoy dishes like my favorite caramelized Idaho catfish clay pot with fresh coconut juice; grilled kaffir lime leaf and peppercorn organic chicken breast with napa cabbage, pineapple and raisin; or crispy vegetarian rolls with taro root, northwest tofu, carrots and woodear mushrooms. They're open for lunch, dim sum brunch, happy hour and dinner, and crab feasts on Sundays and Mondays.

Be sure to stop by their table for some tasty bites at the Taste of Seattle and Gourmet Fair at IFBC on Friday, September 20!

Follow them on Facebook and @MonsoonNW!

Photography by LookatLao Studio.

When was the last time you heard a kid jump up and down, saying, “Please, please can I have some more vegetables?” If you answered somewhere barely north of never, then you really need to taste what we’re talking about…Ruby’s Rockets.

What are Ruby’s Rockets? A smoothie on a stick, a healthy indulgence, an any time frozen treat disguised as dessert, that combines fruits and vegetables and tastes delicious! Kids already are jumping up and down saying “Please, please can I have another Ruby’s Rocket?” because we’re selling out in stores in Texas, and we’re moving them through natural and independent groceries in Washington, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas and Missouri, with Florida and California coming up soon, and that’s just in the first six months.  Our sales figures show that when kids ask for more, moms and dads have happily said YES!

Not only that, but parents and grandparents have been sneaking some themselves, because Ruby’s Rockets have only 1-2 grams of sugar and ¼ cup of fruits PLUS ¼ cup of vegetables IN EVERY POP. And each pop has less than 35 calories. We’ve added kids’ probiotics, too, for digestive and immune support.  They’re also gluten-free, dairy free, non-GMO, kosher and did we mention they’re delicious?

Even the Foodista founders have tried them and liked them so much they ran a contest with us. Here’s their review, and the photo we’ve used here is their own adorable daughter with one of our Rock-it Red pops (Strawberries, sweet potatoes, carrots and beets!) Other flavors are Orbit Orange (Oranges, carrots, and sweet potatoes) Galaxy Green (Kiwi, Spinach, and avocado).

We’ll see you at IFBC at the Saturday afternoon culinary expo. Come by our table and taste ‘em!  And maybe you can help us find some Rocket Moms (and Dads too!) to be our local brand ambassadors in all the states where we have stores.  Any questions? Please e-mail See you there!

This post is brought to you by Ruby's Rockets.



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