Middle-Class Martha

Middle-Class Martha is a Professional Chocolatier who doesn't do anything Middle of the Road! I would LOVE to open my own Chocolate Cafe someday but for now I will settle for blogging about Truffles, Caramels and Life as a Chocolatier.

My friends started calling me "White Trash Martha" as a joke several years ago. I normally don't have a thousand dollar budget to create the craft or meal of the week so I improvise...A LOT!
Finally political correctness molded my nickname into "Middle-Class Martha"
I am sure Martha Stewart would not find that funny in the slightest but my friends think it's hilarious. I thought I would take my nickname and turn it into a soapbox so to speak.
Blogging is a new concept for me but it appears "All the Cool Kids are doing it!"
I have A Deep Love of ALL things CHOCOLATE! Love Sharing Stories and Recipes. Middle-Class Martha's close friends share the responsibility of testing my recipes and eating all of the chocolates that have air bubbles or are "ugly". A Job they take very seriously.
My friends also joke that when they enter my neighborhood they begin to salivate at the thought of ALL the Chocolate I have waiting for them :)
Hope to see you really soon!
Middle-Class Martha