Amy McCoy

Food-loving, budget-minding, Italian Nana's cooking-influenced keeper of the blog at Poor Girl Gourmet. My husband and I have a tiny - very tiny - farmhouse and gentleman's farm outside of Providence, RI, just over the Massachusetts border. We raise chickens and laying hens, inadvertently becoming small-scale chicken farmers (as in we can feed ourselves and a friend or two) over the last 5 years. We keep bees, and encourage them to get into the garden while chasing chickens out. I used to work as a tv producer until the economy tanked and my waning desire to produce graphic packages and show promos finally evaporated. But don't tell my cable clients that, I'll still do it if they ask.
My cookbook "Poor Girl Gourmet: Eat in Style on a Bare-bones Budget" (Andrews McMeel) was released June 2010.