Elaine and Scott Harris

Food and Wine Journalists Based out of Las Vegas, the culinary destination epicenter of the world, Elaine and Scott continue to educate and bring interesting informative articles and videos about fine wine and fabulous food. Having received national recognition for their writing, they continue to bring up to date, informative articles and video about epicurean happenings throug their culinary magazine The Cuisineist. They have covered esteemed events such as Bon Appetit's Vegas Uncorked , The world of Pinot Noir, The Finger Lakes Wine Festival, and numerous events in South Florida as well as Texas , Arizona. and California . In addition , They have interviewed highly acclaimed chefs such as Charlie Trotter and Thomas Keller and can be found covering Red Carpet events in Las Vegas . Elaine and Scott continue to keep audiences informed and entertained, promoting the fact that wine is a lifestyle that includes fantastic food and of course the many friendships that are created along their journey.