Alison Bermack

Alison’s fancy for cooking with a partner began in her early teens, when she grew dissatisfied with her mother’s dinner repertoire. She accepted the dinnertime challenge and soon discovered the myriad benefits of cooking with someone else: her father. Together they chopped, sautéed and simmered their way through her teenage years. It became such a part of her life that her high school English teacher focused Alison’s college recommendation letter on her passion for cooking.

Alison earned a BA in Literature in English from George Washington University and an MBA in Marketing from The American University. Alison honed her professional skills at Oxford Health Plans and The Greater New York Savings Bank, and won both a “Best of New York American Advertising Award” from the Advertising Women of New York and a “Gold Effie” from the New York American Marketing Association. After leaving the corporate world to start her family, Alison worked as a freelance advertising and marketing professional for small businesses.

As her family grew, so did the challenges of delivering tasty and healthful meals. That’s when she rediscovered the benefits of cooking with someone else. Alison sought compatible friends with whom to cook as a means to provide food for her family, self cater parties and help friends (and community members) -in-need.

Often seen around town with sauce-splattered clothing, Alison began “preaching the gospel” of Cooking With Friends. Faced with overwhelming interest in the nuts and bolts of the process, Alison started The Cooking with Friends Club, an online community for sharing recipes, trading ideas, exchanging information and scheduling cooking dates. Soon after, she was joined by her best friend from childhood, who found Cooking With Friends to be a rewarding lifestyle herself, and together they launched the Cooking With Friends website.